bundibird asked: It was probably MONTHS ago that you wrote that commentary on the post about the sari drama, and you're quite possibly damn tired of hearing about the whole thing, but I just wanted to take a moment to say that anyone who sent you hate is a total and complete twat and not worth your time. I hope it's not still happening, but if it is, screw them. I learned a bunch just from what you wrote, and I appreciated learning it. Plus, now I'm actually a little bit informed. So, thanks. :) And screw them.

i appreciate the nice message, but please read the info page!

casual reminder to read the info page before sending an ask and send stuff like those previous asks to the original poster, chaotic-keys! <3

fandom-universe asked: Hello friend I just wanted to say that I support you and I am sorry that some ignorant assholes are trying to bring you down. I was in a similar situation a little while back and I know how demoralizing it can be, even amongst a slew of good messages. Just know that most of these people spend day after day carefully constructing anon hate that is still entirely irrelevant to the post (and likely spelled wrong). Have a good day friend I love you :)
Anonymous asked: hey bruh i think youre right on and ppl take cultural appropriation way too far as a poc i love seeing people embrace my culture too uwu
Anonymous asked: You are brave for speaking up for what's right, I am proud of you. Everyone should be able to wear Indian dress that is not religious. Thank you for saying that :)

i think you are looking for chaotic-keys! thank you for the nice message though!

chaotic-keys asked: HEY! Nice to meet you, I'm the original toomanyfandomssolittletime, aka, Ishika! Sorry about all the confusion! I'm the one who made those cultural posts and all! All your comments can now be directed at me people and don't trouble this poor person now! {PS- love the URL! hope you take good care of it! :D}


it’s really okay, i claim deleted urls because i find the messages they send amusing. i will send people with legit questions your way though!

have a great day!

Anonymous asked: I saw your cultural appropriation post, and it was enlightening but I have a question. What if you don't like white people doing that? I don't. I'm Pakistani and when white people use mehendi (henna) it feels like its theft. After all the racism I go through, they turn around and show me ""how much they appreciate my culture""".

hi! i’m afraid i don’t have an answer for you. if you had read the other asks, you would see that i am not the person who made the post. have a nice day!

consultingsuperhusbands asked: Ah, I see. I was puzzled; the person who had this url before and I were friends.

aw, sorry you had me confused! i’m told she switched to a new blog. hope you find her! have a great day!

consultingsuperhusbands asked: Butit was this URl, if i'm not mistaken?

oh yes, i just claimed this url after it was deleted.